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Newest Release!

Release Date: JAN, 2018
ISBN: 13: 978-1545292532 (PAPERBACK)
Kindle also available.

The long-awaited sequel to the nine-time award-winning novel, One Chance, One Moment, is now available! Packed with adventure and suspense, For The Love Of Mandy takes off from where Book One ended, continuing The Mandy Story.

Amanda Fields is caught between conflicting desires and a situation beyond her control. She has only her intuition to trust as she sets off on a perilous journey of sacrifice and love, even though it means walking away from the one man she wants most in the world.

Just when Garry Danzlo has realized what a fool he was to let her go and boldly takes the step to reunite them, another man who loves her just as wholeheartedly has snatched her away. Against all odds, Garry sets out on a daring and dangerous quest to get back his Mandy.

Release Date: JAN, 2018

"One Chance, One Moment" combines with its sequel, "For the Love of Mandy" in this new box set edition.

Twelve-time Award-Winner

Release Date: April, 10, 2017 - 2nd Edition
ISBN: 13: 978-1545272879 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-9903674-2-0 (mobi)
Available in English Language
    (Spanish to be released 2018)

Renowned singer/musician Garry Danzlo, guilt-ridden over his father's suicide, has lost his will to live after a debilitating accident halts his entire career. He wants nothing more than a life of solitude, but his loving, mischievous sister has found the perfect nurse to rehabilitate him. Garry is determined he's going to get rid of her.

Fun-loving nurse and holistic healer Amanda Fields has a dream. Widowed after a loveless marriage, she wants more than anything to adopt an eight-year-old, wheelchair-bound boy named Robbie. The two have made a pact to be together soon. In need of funds to make it all happen, Amanda believes this temporary job in Colorado is the miracle she's been waiting for - her one chance to make their dreams come true. But what she has to contend with is far more than she ever expected.


"A creative, light-hearted yet riveting story that is destined
to be a romantic classic." - Anita Lock for IndieReader

"Fraught with entanglements, villains, vixens, steamy sex, quiet
romantic love and mystery ... turns the old 'boy meets girl' model for this genre
upside down." - 2nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

"A love story that will capture the romantic at heart while weaving
thrills throughout the plot - creating one thrilling read."
- Allbooks Review International

"... impossible to put down. Fans of romance will find themselves absolutely
riveted by the story as the suspense and tension become as unbearable
as it is for Garry and Mandy." - Book Reviewer List

"...hated to see the story end. Wonderful work, wonderful presentation.
Would I recommend this book to others? ABSOLUTELY!"
- Magic City Morning Star News


* NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (Summer 2014)
Indie Reader's 2014 Top Indie Books (Fall 2014)
* Shelf Unbound Notable Indie Book, Romance (Winter 2014)
* Gayle Willson Award of Excellence, Contemporary Single Title Finalist (March 2015)
* eLit Silver Award for Best Romance (May 2015)
* 2017 Beach Book Festival, Best Romance (July 2017)
* 2017 New York Book Festival, Runner Up Best Romance (July 2017)
* 2017 Hollywood Book Festival, Honorable Mention Genre-Based Fiction (August 2017)
* 2017 Book Excellence Award, Finalist Best Romance (Sept 2017)
* 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards, Best Romance (Dec 2017)
* 2018 Bronze Medal eLit Award, Best Romance (April 2018)
* 2018 Paris Book Festival, Honorable Mention, General Fiction (May 2018)
* 2018 Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite International Book Award, Best Romance Comedy (Sep 2018)